A focused social media strategy with messenger bots, will turn your 
business into the single 
most important generator of brand awareness and 
client capture money can buy.


Tools, Software and Resources I recommend and have used in my real estate business.

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Small Business Marketing Suites
Chances are your business needs help with social media marketing 
BUT you're probably afraid of 2 things: 

How Much Will It Cost and Will It Really Work Syndrome.

Hey I get it.....there are A LOT of options out there and I bet you get 
contacted weekly with some new guru with promises of the moon and stars! 

See my services below: 
It’s hard to argue with facts and data — like the 88% open rates and 56% click through rates, right?!
Many prospective customers aren’t comfortable providing their email address in exchange for your free download anymore. Worse, they might completely ignore your marketing emails.
Re-targeting your Messenger leads is easier and faster than re-targeting email leads since the leads are already on Facebook.
Prospects can instantly engage in live chat, which helps to close sales faster and with less friction.

Facebook Messenger bots are a mashup of social, mobile, and instant messaging power, which is exactly the direction that marketing is going. Facebook Messenger bots are the future, and it’s time to start using them.
The Website vs The Funnel
A website is made up of five to twenty or more online pages of content, including the about us page, contact information, a list of services or products, and sometimes a blog that’s updated regularly. The downside is that a lot of websites offer too many choices and too little direction. As a result, visitors get confused by all the pages and find it difficult to navigate the website’s highway.
A Funnel is designed to guide website traffic toward a single direction: getting a sale.
To do this, a sales funnel minimizes distractions like outgoing links or share buttons for social media. Each page of the sales funnel highlights what the company has to offer and prompts the visitor to buy it… or leave.
I'm not saying you shouldn't have a website but if you want to get impressive sales from the start, go for a funnel first. Since it allows you to test, target, and optimize your sales, you can expect more conversions, especially from paid traffic.
Whether you optimize a page for a brand or lead generation, you need more people to see and follow that page, right? It doesn’t seem difficult: bright pictures, regular posting, and calls to action in every post will engage the audience and turn your Facebook fans into leads, right?  Wrong. 
Facebook business page optimization for people requires a comprehensive strategy. Each section needs a proper formatting to get noticed and engaged.
Do you find yourself answering the same questions in your business everyday. How much time and money would that save you to have that process automated. 
In order for your business to grow, you need a steady stream of people interacting with you consistently and an active marketing plan that gets your product or services in front of your target audience. 

Tie these strategies with Social Media Ads.....BOOM!

But Rebecca, I've done social media ads and 
I didn't get anything.......

Let me be clear....YOU DONE IT WRONG. 
Client Results.....
I have been working with Rebecca for the past few months. She is very knowledgeable about social media marketing and she delivers! Rebecca has done everything I have ask for to get my online marketing on track. She has presented me with many different ideas, tips, and strategies. If you are ready to take your business to the next level,sell more, and find new clients Rebecca is the one for you!
Jay E.

Working with Rebecca was a great experience. She is very knowledgeable and took the time to teach me how to edit and deploy the bot she built for my business page. It was perfect from start to finish. I highly recommend working with her!
Melanie D.
Marketing Agency

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